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Secure Tractor and Trailer Parking, Commercial Storage, and Fleet Parking Nationwide. With Over 3800+ Fully Vetted Locations With 24/7 Access. In Addition, A Wheeled Storage/Mobile Storage Network.

Message from the CEO - JP Harwood

“This site is dedicated to be a tool for Operation and Fleet manager professionals who are responsible for Major “over-the road” for hire Carriers, Logistics providers and intermodal companies whose fleets who need our services. Call, text or email us for an immediate response to your requests.

 “I’m JP Harwood and I know more about trailer parking solutions then anyone in America!” “I and my staff provide fleet parking services to the top carriers in the Country and have for years and sometimes decades. We believe in security. TXS has never lost a loaded trailer in almost 20 years of service; Every contracted carrier listed below has an executive or Fleet Manager who will give TXS a positive and detailed testimonial.”

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Terminal Exchange Services

Terminal Exchange Services

Our Network now provides 24/7 Secure Trailer Parking & Drop Yard Services in over 3800+ locations throughout all of North America. We reliably provide services to the top 1500 trucking companies, logistic providers, and intermodal logistics carriers through our existing network of Secure facilities. If you require further information, or wish to explore how we can tailor our services to meet your unique requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to support your logistical needs and help drive your business forward."

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24/7 Secure Access

24/7 Secure Access

"Terminal Exchange Services provides secure storage and parking for an extensive array of vehicles, including semi-tractors, chassis, containers, car transporters, reefer trailers, moving vans, flatbeds, bottom dumps, tankers, cranes, step-vans, and even drivers' personal vehicles. Our solutions cater to carriers and transportation fleets, offering flexibility, cost-effective alternatives to property investments, operational expense reduction, and a strategic approach to resource management, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of your logistics needs." 

More Locations - 3800+ Locations Nationwide

More Locations - 3800+ Locations Nationwide

TXS can grow with our carriers as they grow, and can also help them reduce their footprint in any given territory because we can make their logistics requirements scalable! It is our mission to work as an extension of our client's operational staffs and to work with their drivers on-site with a friendly, supportive attitude.

All of our locations are within a 5 to 15-mile radius of 90 percent of the local Distribution Centers, Transportation Hubs, and Corridors in that area.


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