TXS provides 24/7 secure parking for trailers, tractors, commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, POVs, chassis, containers, moving vans, fleets, wheeled storage, and mobile warehousing in over 3,800+ locations throughout North America. Our solutions cater to carriers and transportation fleets, offering flexibility, cost-effective alternatives, operational expense reduction, and a strategic approach to resource management, ensuring efficiency in every aspect of your logistics needs."

Rochester, NY, Staten Island, NY, Rome, NY, New York, NY, Long Island, NY, Kingston, NY, Farmingdale, NY, Buffalo, NY, Bronx, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Bethlehem, NY, Schenectady, NY, Feura Bush, NY, Albany, NY


Albany, NY                       (2 locations)

Fuera Bush, NY                (2 locations)

Schenectady, NY               (2 locations)

Bethlehem, NY                 (2 locations)

Brooklyn, NY                   (2 locations)

Bronx, NY                        (4 locations)

Buffalo, NY                      (2 locations)

Farmingdale, NY            (3 locations)

Kingston, NY                   (2 locations)

Long Island, NY              (2 locations)

New York, NY                    (2 locations)

Rochester, NY                   (2 locations)

Rome, NY                           (2 locations)

Staten Island, NY             (2 locations)

Secured Parking Nationwide

You can't find Parking?

You can't find Parking?

Tell us what you need if you don't find the site you seek on our location page. We are experts in finding new locations. With our industry contacts, we will find you a suitable, secure location.

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We have 3,800+ locations throughout North America.

All of our locations are within a 5 to 15-mile radius of 90 percent of the local Distribution Centers, Transportation Hubs, and Corridors in that area.

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Join our Network

Do you have a yard or unused property? TXS is constantly seeking more locations for our clients. TXS will seek out, negotiate, contract, and finalize every aspect of finding reputable fleet tenants to sub-lease space or rent property by the "unit" or by the acre of your unused industrial property, whether on a month-to-month or even long-term annual basis. We will help you fill your yards.

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